The Culinarians' Home
Mid way between New York City and Albany is New Paltz, NY. Residents have preserved its history, SUNY students have enlivened its culture, and visitors have ensured its diverse offerings and sense of excitement.

The Culinarians' Home
Residents find getting around the area is easy in their own cars or with public transportation.

The New Paltz Area

Most people find the New Paltz area a perfect blend of past and future. There is a deep affection for the land and the people who have been its stewards for untold centuries. Its recorded history begins with the Huguenot settlement in the late 1600s, then grows into a typical agriculturally-based economy in the 1800s. Eventually, with the coming of the railroad and later a trolley linking it to the Hudson River, it became a thriving tourism location. Destinations included Wildmere and Cliff House at Minnewaska, and the Mohonk Mountain House, all in the granite faced Shawangunk Mountains, as well as, smaller boarding houses, inn and resorts around the village of New Paltz.

Today, the area boasts one of the finest SUNY colleges in the state, great restaurants (often featuring food by graduates of the nearby Culinary Institute of America), excellent shopping and lots of things to do.

SUNY New Paltz produces mesmerizing summer theater, has an acclaimed art museum, free lectures, and trains the teachers, nurses, and business leaders of tomorrow.

Trailways Bus Service leaves frequently from several locations near the Home. Amtrak train service is from Poughkeepsie. There are several car service and cab companies.

Medical services are nearby in New Paltz, Kingston, Newburgh, and Poughkeepsie and include ambulance, EMS, hospitals, doctors, and walk-in medi-centers.

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